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Dallas is Not a Bad Home Team

We have lost four games and all have been at home. It happens to be more about timing than playing bad.

We lost to San Francisco because Romo didn't play the entire preseason, came in rusty and threw 3 interceptions in the first half.

We lost to to Washington because of two lost fumbles by our running backs and a hit that put Romo out of the game. He came back but shouldn't have.

We lost to Arizona because Romo didn't play.

We lost to Philadelphia because Romo only had two practices and should not have played.

Do you sense a pattern? When Romo is healthy, rested and not injured, this team is undefeated.

Indy will have no such advantage. Neither will Washington or our opponents in the playoffs.

Oh Hawk. Still hate Dez?

BevoMav wrote:
Oh Hawk. Still hate Dez?
Hate is something you made up, and I quess if you say it enough then even you believe it.

Dez has another great game, certainly was not his 1st. Do I want Cowboys to let players go so Dez gets his pot of gold? Well the answer is still no.

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