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Cowboys Vs. Vikings



Cowboys win this one easily
El Kabong

Its time to move on over our heartbreak from last week. Don't dwell on losses and don't celebrate wins too long. Keep moving. Move your focus.

In a very winnable matchup the Boys are coming in after a heartbreaking loss. The best remedy for a loss like that is to face a team that has been struggling even more. The Vikings have come out of the gates slower than midgets racing Usain Bolt. Even with a 1-6 record the Vikings are still a dangerous team. They have the best RB in the league and it will be our defenses' job to stop them. They also have a sensational rookie who has shown his skill in kick off returns this year. It will be the makeshift defensive line and our star Sean Lee who will have to turn All Day into No Gain.

Cowboys win 31-17

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