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Cowboys Vs. Rams

Tough game to pick, right now a one point spread.

Maybe its time for the crying towels, everybody wants us to continue with the run. The Rams strength is their front 7, and they are damn good against the run.

So I think Tony will be back to having to win this one. He will have to be way better than his first 2 games. Maybe you haven't noticed but his pass blocking has not been that good.

This will be a harder game to win than fans expect, but I'm still riding with the boys on this one.

Their QB is down for the count. Their 2nd string QB missed last week, and no word yet on if he will be ready this week. They are down to their 3rd a QB, a 2nd year UDFA who looked pretty good last week.

Tavon Austin is out for the Rams too. On the season so far they have no passing TDs and only 1 rushing TD.

They are giving up 171 rushing yards per game so far.

They have moved the ball well enough to kick a lot of field goals

I think we will run on these guys all day long.

31-13 Cowboys
El Kabong

I've been reading predictions all over the web, most are predicting a blowout.

So why is the spread only one, that has me real confused?

This is a game the Cowboys should win and really need to.


Cowboys Zack Martin OG against Rams Aaron Donald DT

In a rematch from one of the better one-on-one battles during the Senior Bowl practices, Martin and Donald will once again square off. In getting ready for this game, I was surprised that the Rams did not have Donald in the starting lineup.

Instead, he is working in a rotation with Kendall Langford at that under-tackle position. When Donald has stepped on the field, the tape has shown that same explosive player that we all believed he could be during the buildup to the draft. His motor, effort and pursuit are those traits that make him unique. His lack of height does not appear to be a factor, and when taking on blocks at the point of attack he has played with solid technique when getting off the blocks.

He’s excellent at reading and reacting to the play. He never stops moving, and that was a major part of his game in college. Very good hand use whether he is playing the run or rushing the passer, and his technique helps him get off blocks. Various pass rush moves along with the ability to counter what the blocker is trying to do to him.

Martin has to guard against that first explosive step off the ball because that sets Donald up in the way that he rushes the passer. What Martin realizes from his experience in facing Donald is that if he is lazy with his own technique and doesn’t finish his blocks then he will get exposed by Donald quickly.

ST. LOUIS - The Cowboys have won their last nine Week 3 games by a combined score of 229-128. The Rams, in their last seven Week 3 games, are 1-6. Maybe DeMarco rolling against St. Louis isn't the only trending Dallas advantage today. Cowboys GameDay Huddle-Up:

Okay okay I'm convinced Cowboys will be 2-1 and if that's true, I'll say right now we will be in the playoffs this year.

Now where is Zigo to tell us how we'll lose this game drunken


This is not the team that has blown games they should win? This is Garretts team with 3 players left from the Phillips days.

They need this win and will get it 31-16

Shell shock....but a win is a win and I'll take it

Great little video, shows Tony has mobility and not afraid. I'm glad we stayed with the run, even though it looked bad early.

Its still a Romo win, don't give a damn if people say it was just the Rams. A win on the road is still very important. Bring on the Saints, after we kick their azz people will still make excuses why we are winning.

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