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Cowboys Vs. Raiders



Okay had we lost to the Giants, they would have said Romo can't win the big one. Of course since we won, well we beat a bad team.

Cowboys have had a history under Romo of playing down to terrible teams and not putting them away. If indeed Garrett is doing a good job the Cowboys need to come out and dominate this team to go 7-5.

Happy Turkey Day guys.

As fans of this Dallas Cowboys team, we should know better than to think we shouldn't have problems with any team. We never make it easy and I refuse to go into this game thinking it will be anything but a nail biter. Oakland can run the football. We have seen that we can't stop someone from running the football. Let's not kid ourselves into thinking this will be an easy victory. Also, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see Pryor start on Thursday. And I think that would be bad news for us. Expect Oakland to play us tough.
El Kabong

Cowboys are a 9 1/2 favorite, wow now I'm really worried?

A marriage counselor wasn’t needed last season to determine that cornerback Mike Jenkins and the Dallas Cowboys were headed for a divorce.

Jenkins signed in the off-season with the Oakland Raiders and will be back at AT&T Stadium on Thursday to play the Cowboys. The 2008 first-round pick was the Cowboys’ best cornerback in 2011 but lost his starting job coming into 2012 when Dallas signed free agent Brandon Carr and traded up to draft Morris Claiborne sixth overall.

Jenkins also was never quite right last year after he underwent reconstructive right shoulder surgery in the off-season that kept him from practicing.

Feelings were hurt along the way as Jenkins did much of his rehab work in South Florida even though the Cowboys encouraged him to do it here.

Jenkins said Tuesday that he’s happy with his new team. But despite saying that Thursday’s game will be like any other to him, Jenkins made it clear that some bitterness still remained from his breakup.

Jenkins was asked if he’s regained his swagger in Oakland that helped him reach the Pro Bowl after the 2009 season.

“My swagger and my confidence never left. My last few years in Dallas had nothing to do with swagger,” Jenkins said. “It was more of a personal vendetta that was going on around there, and I don’t care too much to talk about it.”

Jenkins declined to elaborate, calling it “pointless” to “bring up old fire.”

Jenkins was pushed for playing time throughout his career with the Cowboys by cornerback Orlando Scandrick, who is thriving this season with Jenkins out of the picture. The Cowboys signed Scandrick – a 2008 fifth-round pick – to a five-year, $27 million contract extension before the start of the 2011 season, but Jenkins never saw a second contract with Dallas.

Asked Tuesday if he was envious of Scandrick, Jenkins raised the tone in his voice.

“Why would I be envious of Orlando?” Jenkins said. “That’s like one of my best friends. I would never be envious of Orlando Scandrick. First of all, I came in on top. I came in as a first-round draft pick. There’s no reason for me to be envious.”

Envious? Maybe not. Bitter about the way his career ended with the Cowboys? There’s no doubt.

A yearlong separation hasn’t changed that.

Cowboys win......

   34-17. Dallas is generally very good on T-day, especially against bad teams. I FINALLY feel about a game!

zigomanis18 wrote:
Cowboys win......

   34-17. Dallas is generally very good on T-day, especially against bad teams. I FINALLY feel about a game!

Oh Sht you picked the Cowboys to win now I'm worried  cheers


Thanksgiving and football go together like birthdays and cake. My two favorite teams, The Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys, have always played on Thanksgiving.

We plan the turkey and trimmings to fall during half time of one of these two games. The Turkey Day games have been going on a long time. Here is some history and a few highlights of these teams.

I guess we must start at the beginning? It's Thanksgiving day, 1895. Macy's now-famous Thanksgiving Day Parade is 30 years away. We are a decade from Texas athletics officially becoming the Longhorns. On this day, Texas beat San Antonio 38-0, and the tradition began.

The two teams played off and on, even moving the game to Fridays. They played their last Thanksgiving game on November 24, 2011. With time expiring, Justin Tucker kicked a 40 yard field goal, and the Longhorns beat the Aggie s 27-25.

The series ends with Texas holding an all time record of 75-37-5. Mack Brown ran his personal record to 10-4 over the Aggie s

The Dallas Cowboys have been playing on Thanksgiving Day since 1966, when the defeated the Cleveland Browns 26-14. The Cowboys playing on Thanksgiving was the brain child of Tex Schramm. The league wanted a game to follow the Detroit Lion game, and Tex jumped at the chance. He saw it as the chance of a lifetime to have all eyes fixed on Dallas during that game. It seems to have worked.

Dallas has used this game to introduce the world to Clint Longley, Tony Romo, and Leon Lett.

It was 1974, and it is where the Legend of the Mad Bomber came to life. Roger Staubach was knocked out of the game against the Washington Redskins, in the third quarter. Dallas was doing a whole lot of nothing and trailed in the game 16-3.

Enter rookie Clint Longley, a rookie who had not taken a snap for the team. When Landry signaled for his helmet, they had to call a timeout because the rookie couldn't find his helmet. All Longley did was have, maybe, the greatest comeback in the history of the Dallas Cowboys.

Longley got them to within 6, and 35 seconds to go. He unleashed a 50 yard TD pass to Drew Pearson, and Dallas beat the Redskins 24-23. Longley never did hit a high note again. He was released and ended up out of football soon afterward, but for one Turkey Day he was magnificent.

In 2006 Drew Bledsoe was having an off day, and head coach Bill Parcells replaced Drew with Tony Romo. That day Romo completed 22 of 29 passes for 306 yards and 5 touchdowns. He has been the starting QB for Dallas ever since.

The most bizarre loss in Cowboys history happened on a freezing Thanksgiving day in 1993, when Leon Lett made one colossal blunder.

This one hits home. I took my son to that game, and I have never been so cold in my life.

Leading 14-13 over Miami, kicker Pete Stoyanovich lined up a game winning 40 yard field goal. The kick was blocked, but Lett chased the ball down the field and not knowing the ruled, tried to recover what he thought was a live ball.

When he touched the ball, it did become live, and Miami covered the ball at the one yard line. This time Stoyanovich made the 19 yard field goal with 3 seconds on the clock and Miami won the game 16-14.

I was too cold to care, and my son Corey and I were just happy to get to the warm bus and home. The good news is the Cowboys never lost again that year and went on to win the 1993 Super Bowl.  

There are many more but for now, I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving

Can a guy catch a break? THE FOOTBALL GODS

Every year its the same thing. Not only do my Cowboys have to play in your largest temple with opponent fans  in large number inspiring their teams. Not only do they have to play teams that always have something extra because of their legendary past, but you decimate my team with injury......every freakin' year.....with multiple hits to the same squad?

One year we end the season with Stephen McGee because you take out Romo and his backup. Another year we end the season with a RB that was retired because you took out every RB. We began a season once with three backups on the offensive line. Another year both CB starters play together for 4 games.

This year you take out half our starting D-line, both potential Pro Bowlers along with a very promising backup. This is after you destroy the career of another young DT with potential the previous season.. Then you add the nice touch of injury to our Hall of Famer but that isn't enough. Then you hit the only remaining guy with an injury.

But that isn't going to satisfy you. Lets take out a starting safety and his backup but then plague our most promising young defender, a top ten pick, with hamstring injuries.

Do you decide to quite there? Oh no! Let's just finish them off with injury to their biggest playmaker on defense, and the quarterback of the defense. What the hell, injure the guy next to him too.

What do you want from us, a human sacrifice? It can be arranged.

But would you mind terribly if I asked you to keep the last two guys on defense healthy? Is that asking for the moon and the stars?

Cowboys will still win this game

The dreaded blue jerseys are making a return to AT&T Stadium. The Dallas Cowboys will not be able to wear their traditional Thanksgiving throwbacks thanks to new NFL rules that prohibit teams from using alternate helmets as they improve their awareness on concussions. , so they will be going with their blue jerseys against the Oakland Raiders.

It will be the second time this season that the Cowboys suit up in blue.

The Cowboys wore their blue jerseys on Sept. 29 when they took on the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium, which is a game that they lost.

If you are a Cowboys fan or NFL uniform buff, you are aware of the poor history that comes along with the Cowboys blue uniforms, so the team’s fans will be nervous as they watch the action and hope to avoid an upset loss after their Thanksgiving Day feast.

When the Raiders and Cowboys previously faced off on Thanksgiving back in 2009, when both teams were wearing their throwback looks, Dallas won the meeting 24-7. It was the first Thanksgiving game at Jerry’s palace and they will hope to continue their Thanksgiving success against Oakland in Week 13.

Hawk, let's be honest.....If we cannot win today, they don't DESERVE to win the lousy as it is.

I also have many fond memories of Cowboy Thanksgiving day football.

Some great, some not so great.

One of my favorites was in 1978 when the Cowboys and Redskins hurled insults to each other all week long before the game. George Allen was in the announcer booth during the game and predicted the Redskins to win 17-14. The Cowboys destroyed the skins 37-10 and went on tot he super bowl. The Skins would not win again for the rest of the season.

Also, in 1980, The Cowboys played the Seahawks. It was one of the biggest laughers in Cowboy's history. Dallas led 30-0 at the half and 51-0 after three quarters before "Settling" on a 51-7 rout.

I also remember Emmitt Smith putting the deadskins away with a long late TD run in 1990 for a 27-17 Cowboys win.  And them who could NOT remember 1994? Jason Garret comes in and helps beat GB 42-31 with a 36 point second half.

Cowboys will win today...take that one to the bank

WTF is going on?

Cowboys look like ****. Offense can't move the the ball at all. secondary sucks ***. They are making the horrible raiders look like playoff contenders!

Embarrasing thus far!


Right After I wrote the previous post, they started to play ball.

Nothing special here but they beat a team they were supposed to beat. Still have NO pass rush whatsoever. Really dissapointed with this defense. Yeah, we got injuries but so does everyone.

Gotta give the team credit thought. Lots of heart to be 7-5 despite how badly they have played at times.

Well it started badly, but it ended well, its about time we win when we are supposed to win.

Now we have 10 days to get healthy, maybe things are starting to look better.

We really need Sean Lee back...and a f*ckin Pass rush.

Well I think the good news is, we could easily win the rest of our games. The bad news is...our defense sucks so bad, we would not at this time stand a chance in a playoff game.

Well, I agree we COULD win the rest of the games but that is going to require help from our defense. Let's analyze .....

1. Chicago.  On the road on Monday night. Not as easy win by any stretch of the imagination. We NEED our Defense to step up just enough. This is no shoe in by any stretch. As a matter of fact I think the Boys will be underdogs. The bears are also in a fight for a division as well.

2.  Green Bay. At home with no Rodgers, we should roll. If Rodgers DOES come back, it is a TOTALLY different story. Rodgers IS the Packers. If he never went down, this would have been a loss.

3.  The Deadskins on the road. I don't give  **** what the Redskins record is, they will be playing their best to knock us off from a playoff spot and you can bet they will bring their best, just because it's the Cowboys.

4.  The Eagles at home. Depending on what the situation for the division is, this should be a great game.

If the boys DO go 11-5, which I really doubt, then that means they will have won 6 in a row to close out the season and that's pretty friggin good. But this team is NOT an 11-5 team. I say they finish 9-7 .... at best... and that MAY be enough for the division. We shall see.

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