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El Kabong

Cowboys moving out of Valley Ranch

Cowboys announce lineup of firms that will design and build new headquarters in Frisco

The Cowboys announced the firms that will build, design and lease space at the team’s new headquarters in Frisco.

The facility will be built by Manhattan Construction, the company that also built AT&T Stadium, the Ballpark and Apogee Stadium and is refurbishing Kyle Field.

Gensler will be the architect and interior designer. Gensler has also done work with the Detroit Lions facility and the stadiums for the Browns and Eagles.

O’Brien Architects will design the master plan for the complex, which will include an event center that can be used by the city and school district.

Lincoln Property Company of Dallas will be in charge of marketing and leasing the development around the training center.

The team plans a groundbreaking date this year. It plans to move into the facility in 2016.

The Cowboys have trained at Valley Ranch since 1985.

The new facility is only about 5 miles from my house.

The Marketing Center will house the Cowboys and they will pay - ZERO - in rent.

Plus, Frisco is building a dome stadium. It will a covered practice facility for the Cowboys and a venue for high school football at night.

Once again Jerry Jones pulled a fast one.

The good news, being so close to my home, I will be able to attend some Cowboys practices.

I remember when they were negotiating this, but I had forgotten all about it.

Well bevo we will expect some pictures

So hamstring problems, they play on grass at the Ranch, then they play on artificial turf at the Death Star. Hey maybe the new place should have the same crap the Death Star has....ya think?

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