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El Kabong

Cowboys hire TE Coach

The intra-divisional shuffling of tight ends coaches in the NFC East continues.

And the Cowboys for whom Monte Kiffin still works got older in the exchange.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the Cowboys will add longtime Giants tight ends coach Mike Pope.

Pope will replace the Wes Phillips (the son of Wade), who went to Washington.

Pope has long been regarded as an excellent position coach, but was part of the shakeup in New York which followed the hiring of offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo. But he was also part of all four Giants Super Bowl-winning staffs, making it an unusual transition.

I guess we needed one, but sorry I don't see anything really special about this guy. The Giants since Shocky left haven't really had any great TEs, I can think of.

The guy is 71 yrs old

Cowboys have put meaning to the words Good Ol Boys

If we run the same offense again, we don't really need this guy, but somebody had to fill the slot. He might be getting ready to retire anyways. Seems funny he would hire on with coaches who might only be here one more year.
El Kabong

They are claiming he's one of the best in the business. Jason Garrett referred to him as a friend.

Funny he got fired, but all coaches do sooner or later.

At this moment in time I'm not really crazy about this guy being hired. If he does a good job, well okay, again time will tell. But I also think he's just filling a spot, he'll not be mentioned next season.

Does JJ own some depends stock lol

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