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Cowboys Draft

It's Sunday and the NFL Draft starts Thursday, with the first round,  and runs through Saturday.

Dallas Needs:

Corner Back, Running Back, Edge Pass Rusher, Inside Defensive Lineman and Safety.

Dallas has brought in a lot of running backs and cornerbacks and I think that is the way they are leaning. The problem is there are only 17 players on Dallas Big Board with first round grades. Drafting at #27, it is possible that no players with a first round grade are available.

Nearly every mock draft has us drafting a CB or RB.

Here are some of the one's I have read.

NFL.Com - Their four experts chose: (2)Kevin Johnson CB Wake Forest, Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin, Byron Jones CB UConn

WalterFootball - Jalen Collins CB LSU

Draft Site: Danielle Hunter DE LSU

CBS Sports: Their four experts chose: Marcus Peters CB Washington, Jason Collins CB LSU, Jordan Phillips DE OU, Alvin Dupree DE Kentucky

It's sure looks like a corner or running back to me?

Here are the players the team had in for an official visit that had a first round grade:

DE - Bud Dupree Kentucky

CB - Marcus Peters Washington, Kevin Johnson Wake Forest, Byron Jones U Conn

RB - Todd Gurley Georgia, Melvin Gordon Wisconsin, Tevin Gordon Alabama

WR - Dorial-Beckham Green Missouri

I think we will see the first round pick in the above group of players.

For you Hawkster. Something tells me you are somewhere giving someone a piece of your mind.


You know on draft day ole jj is subject to changing his mind. meaning it is a crap shoot .  

 ole jg better get things going again this year for sure .
I would hate for Sir Hawk  to ask God for a pass to come down and point out some things to the Boyz  ... LOL !!!!!

  Good Day Mav

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