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Chaos in the NFL

Judge Nelson's ruling against the NFL and for the NFLPA was a blow to the owners, but the real issue is she refused to order a stay so the owners could appeal to the 8th district court.

Listening to a legal analyst this morning on the radio he offered up some possible ramifications on the judge not doing a stay. He also said it was very unusual for a federal judge not issue a stay. The NFL has also requested this morning for her to reconsider. The problem is she said she would take a day to consider the owners request.

The players, due to the judge not issuing a stay, have started to report to teams facilities. Why, you might ask, well a player like Demarcus Ware has a workout bonus of 500K. By reporting, this analyst believes he complied with the spirit of the law by trying to work out and will therefore will get his bonus. So when you see those pictures of players reporting for work, don't be confused, they are not there to do anything but report. The NFL meanwhile are allowing players in public areas but are not having interaction with players and coaches(except for a quick hello) and they are not allowed in work out areas.

It is also very possible the players will try and get an injunction against the draft. Since there is no CBA, the players will argue that the draft is illegal, that all possible draft picks are free agents and can sign with any team they want. This if the judge refuses to issue a stay on the owners appeal. The anti=trust case would then go back to Judge Doty who would probably rule collusion and stop the draft. This analyst said this is very possible. And all because a judge took the unusual decision to not issue a stay.  

The NFL desperately wants to get to the 8th court of appeals. It is a very business friendly court and has, in the past, rarely rules against a business. This one day of delay is all the players need to muck things up.

The funny thing is no one is talking of these possibilities, but the players lawyer has said in the past this is exactly what he would do(stop the draft) if the judge ruled for the players.

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