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Card's an packer's

This should be an interesting game with playoff alignment implications.

For me I hope the Cards win.

 Your thoughts and prediction.

 Good Day

Glad to see someone else is playing an important game instead of just us. Neither one of these teams can afford to rest players, it should be a good game.

I hope Arizona loses and the Vikes, that would be a good thing for us.

If you noticed they changed the start of the Cowboys game. That way Philly and Dallas will already know who has won the Vikings game. I think that was bullshit, not knowing might have made things more interesting between the eagles and Cowboys, now we'll never know. Hell if the Vikes win, Wade just might pull Romo out of the Eagles game. Just a thought.

Root for the packers , but hope the cards wear their *** out. But only if the Vikings are losing. Wow does that sound confusing? lol

I'm not a big fan of either team. At this point I feel like, let the chips fall where they fall. I agree its good to see another big game happening that day. But its almost as bad as do we root for the Giants, I don't have to make that call, because I won't watch that game.

I'm also not sure a week off for the Cowboys would really be helping us. We just have to stay healthy and roll on.

We win and the Cards win and the Giants win and it is true the Boys would get a bye. I do not believe it matters either way .. yet it would help out if they did have that week off.

I believe the Boyz are playing good ball and that Garrett is holding back a few plays and players. I hope that I am correct in my thoughts. I sure would like to see the Boys win two or three and bring home #6.

Good Day

The Cowboys went 13-3 had the week off, home field and still lost.

Maybe the week off helps maybe not!

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