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CAN Someone Please answer this question.....


Why are the Cowboys so salary capped strapped year after year?

I mean, we never can sign anyone of significance for years now and yet the Patriots, Broncos, Packers and other top teams can...yearly.

Who the hell is making so much damn money on this team? I mean with the exception of Whitten, Romo and Bryant, there are really no other superstars...well maybe that worthless injury prone Linebacker Shawn Lee. But that's still only 4 players. I mean, Murray has not been much of anything before this year. The Defense has ZERO is making so much money that we are always salary strapped?

Another sign of terrible management.

We are not going to be in cap trouble next year. I've already worked on it quite a bit. But I think that's a discussion for the off season.

We have done more than one in depth conversation on past caps. You just haven't been around to keep up on all the info. Off the top of my head...Carr, Melton, and Free are due big money next year. (I do believe Tyron Smith has a pretty big contract also)

You were still paying Miles Austin over 5 mil this year. I think you can find out good info on things like this by keeping up with other posting as well. Like contract talks and how they will impact the team.

You need to have a working understanding of dead money and Guaranteed money. Ware is costing us quite a bit in dead money. The good news we will have most the dead money off our books next season. All this info will be made available, and open for discussion during the off season.

The cap would be impossible right now to try and figure out.

The media and Fans have a player of the week almost every week. Meaning someone they want cut. Claiborne, Free, Carr, Spencer, now it's almost the whole D and Marinelli. My personal favorite is cut Murray we can replace him easily in the 3rd or 4th round.

Latest talk is how Williams just isn't a good #2 (sound familiar). But the same people making these statements don't have a clue who will renegotiate, or what cutting certain players does to the dead money. Things will happen quickly at the end of the season. 20 FA's on the 53, 5 FA's on the PS.

We can all make cap predictions based on our favorite players. But at this point the cap would be hard for anyone to predict.
El Kabong

Bryant and Murray will decide the cap, and we won't know about that until the season ends.

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