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Camp notes:

Bryan Broaddus

Football Analyst/Scout

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•Despite being cleared for practice and taking reps throughout the day, when the offense went to Team Period, Tony Romo gave way to Brandon Weeden, who, like his time during the OTA and minicamp practices, ran the first group.
Where Romo did get the majority of his work was in the morning walk  through and afternoon practice when the offense went against the defense during the Team Blitz Period.
These two opportunities were a nice test right out of the box because he was dealing with some off balance throws that tested his back. His first pass of the day was with a blitzing J.J. Wilcox in his face and snapped a nice slant to Dez Bryant on the left side. It was a throw that Romo really had to torque his body to make the throw.
In the afternoon session, he came back with a touch pass to DeMarco Murray with Kyle Wilber in between them that was perfectly delivered over the top.

•It was nice to see Dwayne Harris back in the mix working with the first offense. Harris had three quality catches, one in the morning practice and the other two coming in the afternoon on routes that we normally don’t see him running -- across the field with some depth. Both times Harris, coming right to left, reached up with his right hand securing the ball on the move and continued up the field in space. On the third one, he ran a curl and with the ball high and away adjusted his body back to the left to make the snatch catch.

•The second offensive lined up this way during the team period: Jermey Parnell at right tackle, Darius Morris at right guard, Ronald Patrick at center, Uche Nwaneri at left guard and Darrion Weems at left tackle. The reason I mention this is because I believe this will be the group we will see in the majority of the preseason games. When Ronald Leary comes back to practice, Mackenzy Bernadeau could line up on the right side for Morris or play center for Patrick. The idea is to have the best backup offensive line in these games so things will run smoothly when trying to evaluate these young running backs and Brandon Weeden.

•In both practices, the safety combination had Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox as the starters with Jakar Hamilton and Jeff Heath as the backups. The third group was Matt Johnson and Ryan Smith with Ahmad Dixon getting a snap or two.  I really liked what I observed from Wilcox in regard to how he was moving around in coverage. He wasn’t out of place and when he had the responsibility of dealing with Jason Witten, he was able to quickly drive on the ball and would have been able to knock it away from him if they were playing to contact on the play. He is playing with much more quickness than what we saw last season. He had nice communication with Church when it came to making the necessary checks.

What Mike Fisher had to say today: Romo

Full-go" has become "no-go."

The Dallas Cowboys announced on the eve of the start of training camp that Tony Romo would be "full-go" following his second back surgery. But in Thursday's initial workout he did not take the first-team full-speed snaps. And after Romo participated in the Friday morning walkthrough, coach Jason Garrett said the quarterback will not take part in the afternoon workout.

“Our approach with him throughout training camp is to be very mindful of being out there twice a day, and particularly twice a day on consecutive days,” Garrett said.

After the morning workout, Romo huddled on the field with COO Stephen Jones and trainer Jim Maurer. He did not seem in any discomfort, and on Thursday evening, Romo said he is not experiencing any back pain.

The Cowboys are suggesting the inactivity is a preventative measure and simply part of a ramp-up that includes almost four hours daily of rehab work for the 34-year-old QB.

“I know we’re only out here for a walkthrough format, but when you’re coming off a back issue like Tony has sometimes just being out on your feet like that can be taxing," Garrett said. "So we just want to be mindful as we start training camp, continue to communicate with him and others to make sure we’re all on the same page. He’s making progress.”
El Kabong

Things look about normal so far, hamstring issue (Leary), hows Romo, and a court case going on.

Yeah seems normaltome cyclops_ani

By Clarence E. Hill Jr.
OXNARD, Calif. —  When the Dallas Cowboys opened training camp on Wednesday, coach Jason Garrett said quarterback Tony Romo would be full go when practices began.

Two days later, with Romo set to sit out the afternoon practice on Friday, Garrett acknowledged that the plan all along with was to be mindful of Romo's December back surgery and to bring him along slowly early in camp.

"We talked about this beforehand with all of our players. Whenever they are coming back, to be mindful of the two-a-days and what they are doing. You are out here for an hour. It doesn't seem like much. It’s a walk through situation. But you warm up for that, cool down and get started again in the afternoon,” Garrett said. “We just wanted to make sure we are careful on the two-a-days and then the consecutive two-a-days. I think the schedule sets up pretty well for him the next few days. It gives him a chance to get himself settled in. We will keep an eye on him every day."

Garrett said Romo will take all the first-team reps Saturday afternoon after essentially sitting out two practices _ Friday afternoon and Saturday morning's special teams practice.

Garrett said the Cowboys will take a similar approach with defensive tackle Henry Melton, who is coming off season ending knee surgery.

In regards to Romo, the Cowboys had no such limits on his work in camp last year when he returned to work after back surgery. Then he had a cyst removed in April of 2013 and missed the entire off-season work before coming to camp.

Romo was supposed to be ahead of schedule this year following surgery in December to repair a herniated disc. He was cleared enough to do light work in organized team activities and minicamp.

"I don't know that I'm informed enough to go into the nature of the surgeries, relative to how we are practicing him," Garrett said. "With that kind of an injury, even standing around when you have a back situation can bother you."

Glad we have some football to talk about. Looks to me like Fish was just stirring the pot a little.

Pads today, all eyes will be on Romo, I just wonder what the Defensive line has been told.

Better keep Weeden at the 1 spot for awhile

BluenSilver4evr wrote:
Pads today, all eyes will be on Romo, I just wonder what the Defensive line has been told.

Better keep Weeden at the 1 spot for awhile

Good question about the d-line. Its going to get scary when Romo starts taking hits. Plus the d-line wants to show what they can do....very interesting problem.

Here’s what stood out from Day 3 of Dallas Cowboys’ training camp practices Saturday in Oxnard, Calif.

The Dallas Cowboys had their first contact practice of training camp Saturday with the team allowed to wear pads after two ho-hum practices to start camp. There was no tackling (at least no on purpose).

QB Tony Romo participated in his first contact practice in seven months, but he wasn’t touched. The first nine plays of team drills with Romo under center were all runs. Later in team drills, Romo was 2-for-4 passing and he completed 7-of-8 passes in 7-on-7 drills.

DT Henry Melton, the club’s biggest free agent addition of the offseason, didn’t participate in team drills.

Fireworks came early in the evening practice. In 1-on-1 drills, CB Morris Claiborne and WR Terrrance Williams went at each other. Claiborne was all over Williams as the ball arrived the first time the two went against each other.
The next time up, Claiborne broke up a pass to Williams with his physical play and let Williams know about it. At one point, Claiborne yelled, “Bring Dez over here.” As Claiborne was walking away, Williams grabbed Claiborne from behind and got in his face with the two jawing at each for several seconds.
 Later, with other players going 1-on-1, Williams walked toward Claiborne screaming at him. Claiborne yelled back before Williams pushed him away.

The two matched up again 1-on-1, and QB Tony Romo’s deep pass to Williams down the left sideline was a bit long and fell incomplete. Williams approached Claiborne again after the ball hit the ground, and Claiborne turned toward the crowd and yelled, “Did you catch the ball? Who won?” Later, coach Jason Garrett called Claiborne over for a talk to calm him down. Claiborne didn’t finish practice because of cramps, he said.

Cowboys Hall of Fame OL Larry Allen, who lives in California, was at practice Saturday.

WR Dez Bryant had a dropped pass in individual drills and in team drills.
RB DeMarco Murray had a rare fumble on the second play of team drills. LT Tyron Smith recovered the fumble near the line of scrimmage. Murray came right back with a nice run to the left, quickly getting into the secondary through a big hole.

WR Dwayne Harris dropped a deep pass down the left sideline that was perfectly thrown by QB Brandon Weeden. Harris beat CB B.W. Webb on the play-action pass. Harris also muffed the first kickoff of the evening practice. Coach Jason Garrett yelled at him, “Come on now.”

OT Darrion Weems had a false start in team drills and was replaced by another player.

RB Joseph Randle and RB Lance Dunbar had good runs early in team drills, both getting into the secondary before any contact.

DT Terrell McClain and DE Ben Bass stuffed run plays early in team drills.
DT Davon Coleman was active in team drills, often getting into the backfield to disrupt a play.

WR Cole Beasley made a diving catch over the middle in team drills from Tony Romo.

DE Martez Wilson would have sacked QB Brandon Weeden in team drills on a pass-rush from the right side.

DE Tyrone Crawford bull-rushed right through OT Jermey Parnell in 1-on-1 drills, knocking him on his butt.

LB Kyle Wilber used a nice spin move in 1-on-1 drills to beat RT Doug Free.
Rookie RG Zack Martin held his own in 1-on-1 drills against DT Henry Melton, though Melton beat him once.

Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli yelled at DT Terrell McClain, “How about an inside move once?” after he was stuffed in a 1-on-1 drills.

WR Dezmon Briscoe beat a defender to get open but QB Dustin Vaughan’s pass was high, over his outstretched arms. In 1-on-1 drills, Briscoe beat CB Dashaun Phillips inside, and CBs coach Jerome Henderson yelled at Phillips, “You’re playing scared.”

WR Terrance Williams stayed late after practice to catch several passes from a ball machine.

In 1-on-1 drills, WR Chris Boyd made a great catch over CB Tyler Patmon, who had tight coverage, on a deep pass by QB Brandon Weeden down the left sideline. Later, Boyd beat Patmon again to get open but dropped the pass.

Before the evening practice, the Cowboys officially opened training camp in Oxnard with an opening ceremony that included a performance by Cowboys cheerleaders and remarks by owner Jerry Jones and Oxnard mayor Tim Flynn.

The Oxnard High School drum line also performed in the opening ceremony wearing Cowboys jerseys. Five had on Jason Witten No. 82 jerseys and four had on Dez Bryant No. 88 jerseys. No love for No. 9 Tony Romo.

In the morning special teams walk-through practice, special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia had everyone on the line of scrimmage for punt defense drop to the ground in a push-up position. He then yelled, “What is the call?” several times, followed by, “I want to hear it.” Once he did, he told them, “Get the [expletive] up.” Later, he didn’t like the chatter, yelling, “Quit talking,” before giving more instruction.

Dallas Cowboys had their second consecutive contact practice of training camp Sunday and will take Monday off. The team didn’t have a walk-through.

LB Bruce Carter stuffed RB DeMarco Murray on a run to the left side to begin team drills. Later, to start another series of team drills, Carter would have sacked QB Tony Romo.

RB Lance Dunbar had a big gain on a run up the middle to start second-team repetitions in team drills. Not long afterward, rookie DE DeMarcus Lawrence stopped Dunbar for a short gain on a run left.

QB Tony Romo, involved in back-to-back contact practices for the first time in seven months, had to quickly scramble to his right in team drills. But he looked fine on the move. He threw the ball away to avoid the pass-rush.
RB DeMarco Murray had about a 15-yard gain on a draw play in team drills before any defender arrived.

QB Tony Romo connected with RB Lance Dunbar over the middle for about a 20-yard gain. Dunbar was left wide open by the Cowboys’ first-team linebackers.

Late in team drills, the Cowboys’ first-teams went against each other three consecutive times with the offense trying to convert on third-and-3. The first time, QB Tony Romo completed a short pass to the right side to RB DeMarco Murray for a first down. The second time, Romo overthrew TE Jason Witten down the left seam. S Barry Church had tight coverage on Witten. The third time, Romo found WR Dez Bryant down the right sideline for a long gain and a first down. On the Romo-to-Dez pass, however, DE George Selvie might have sacked Romo. He was in the backfield and close to Romo when he let the pass go.

OT Josh Aladenoye had a false start in team drills late. Also, reserve C Ronald Patrick had a bad center-quarterback exchange with QB Dustin Vaughan late in team drills.

CB Morris Claiborne was matched up against WR Dez Bryant in 1-on-1 drills. Claiborne had consecutive pass breakups against Bryant to start before Bryant used a double move against him to get wide open down the left sideline for what would have been a touchdown. Later in team drills, Bryant again beat Claiborne for a long gain down the left sideline and a perfectly thrown deep ball by QB Tony Romo.

DT Henry Melton took part in team drills but has yet to deliver any impact plays.

CB Orlando Scandrick was behind WR Cole Beasley in coverage in 1-on-1 drills but closed quickly to intercept the pass to the inside.

In 1-on-1 drills, WR Terrance Williams couldn’t haul in a deep pass from QB Tony Romo with CB Orlando Scandrick in coverage. As the ball fell incomplete, Williams yelled to the referee, “Come on, man, he’s holding my arm.” Scandrick turned toward the fans to say, “Nope. 0-for-1.” Williams then said to Scandrick, “Oh, we’re going to play like that.”

A referee flagged CB Sterling Moore for holding in 1-on-1 drills against WR L’Damian Washington as the pass fell incomplete. The referee yelled to Moore, “You’re holding.” Moore quickly replied, “No, I didn’t.” Later in 7-on-7 drills, Moore intercepted a pass from QB Tony Romo that was intended for rookie WR Devin Street.

WR Cole Beasley made a diving catch on a deep out to the left side on a pass from QB Brandon Weeden in 7-on-7 drills.
WR Terrance Williams hauled in a deep catch from QB Tony Romo in 7-on-7 drills.

QB Brandon Weeden overthrew a pass to TE Gavin Escobar toward the left end zone in 7-on-7 drills that likely would have been a touchdown.
WR Laron Byrd continues to get open in 1-on-1 drills, twice beating CB Terrance Mitchell on Sunday.

Kicker Dan Bailey made 5-of-6 field goal attempts, hooking his last attempt wide left from 51 yards out.

S Jeff Heath had to leave drills at one point to have his right wrist taped, but he returned and was fine.

First-round pick RG Zack Martin took several snaps at backup center. On one in team drills, he had a botched snap with QB Brandon Weeden.
The Cowboys’ second-team offensive line for some of the drills looked like this: LT Darrion Weems, LG Uche Nwaneri, C Zack Martin, RG John Wetzel and RT Jermey Parnell.

Two Cowboys Hall-of-Famers were at practice Sunday: WR Michael Irvin and OL Larry Allen.

A fan was dressed in full Cowboys gear near the entryway the players use to run on the practice fields. He had on TE Jason Witten’s No. 82 jersey, a helmet and even pads. As Witten ran onto the field, he turned to the fan, nodded his head and smiled

OXNARD, Calif. – Continuing with the tape from Sunday afternoon’s practice, I wanted to highlight two old faces – and one new one fans will be interested to hear about.

Didn’t honestly know a great deal about Ryan Williams or the type of game he plays, but I have to admit he is growing on me. His film from his days at Arizona was okay and nothing special. What I have noticed about him seeing him now in person -- there is a pace in which he plays. There is some elusiveness to his game with the ball in his hands.

He does show that ability to make people miss when he is going to and through the hole. I didn’t believe he had the quickness, say, of a back like Lance Dunbar , but there are snaps where he appears just that. There is acceleration and a burst in his play. He can get the ball around the corner and into the secondary.
He has done a nice job of keeping his pads down when taking on defenders. What really has impressed me has been his ability to catch the ball on the move.

If there is an area he is working on, it’s pass protection. In Arizona, that part of his game was awful with
poor effort and technique. Since this camp opened, he has done a much better job of staying square and taking on the rusher. There has been improvement here.
Full write up:  
Scout's Eye: First Good Look At New RB Ryan Williams

TE Jason Witten still leading: If there is one unquestioned leader of the Cowboys, it’s Jason Witten. You watch him on the field encourage his teammates and, when necessary, let someone know they need to pick it up. He’s one of those players all his teammates look up to on and off the field because he does it the right way. He may or may not reach the Hall of Fame one day, but he has the respect of his peers. You hear about a speech he delivered in front of his teammates last week that was inspirational. Witten went down in front of his teammates and called some up one by one to lock arms and form a chain. He was fiery and emotional. After more than 10 years in the league, he still has that deep desire to win and lead by example.

* Some young players who have caught my eye and more: Two receivers who have been open on most of their routes the first two days of contact are LaRon Byrd and Dezmon Briscoe (the Cedar Hill product). Byrd is a player the Cowboys really like, and it’ll be interesting to see if he can continue to push in camp for a roster spot. He’s a longshot, but he’s catching everything right now. Briscoe is even more of a longshot, joining the roster just before camp opened. … On defense, DT Davon Coleman had an active first day of contact practice Saturday, but he wasn’t as active Sunday. Coach Jason Garrett talks all the time about he doesn’t want flash players and wants players to consistently show up every day and perform well. … LB Kyle Wilber looks even quicker off the edge rush than last season. He’s beaten first-team offensive linemen in drills with his speed and a nice spin move the other day to get past RT Doug Free. … RB Ryan Williams is a longshot to make the Cowboys’ final roster because he’s not a good special teams player. If you’re going to be a reserve player in the NFL, you better be able to contribute on special teams. Otherwise, a team can’t afford to keep you.
El Kabong

OXNARD, Calif. -- A daily review of the hot topics coming out of Dallas Cowboys training camp:

•Tony Romo returned to practice after sitting out on Tuesday and completed 12 of 18 passes in team and 7-on-7 drills. He was intercepted by cornerback Morris Claiborne, who did a nice job of going up for a slightly underthrown deep ball to wide receiver Terrance Williams.

Romo and Dez Bryant had some difficulty connecting, with Bryant dropping a would-be touchdown pass in 7-on-7s. Later, Bryant was shallow with a route in the end zone with the throw just out of his grasp, and Romo overthrew Bryant on a double-move in the end zone.

In team drills, however, they ended the drive with a back-shoulder touchdown where Bryant out-muscled Sterling Moore. Romo and Jason Witten continued what has been a near decade-long connection. Romo led Witten down the seam for a touchdown over Justin Durant, and he was able to lead Witten for a nice gain just out of the reach of a linebacker.

•Every day the Cowboys go through drills to work on ball security or taking the ball away. For the offense, the running backs, receivers and tight ends had to run through a gauntlet of coaches, equipment managers and interns swinging bags or gloves at them through a 10-yard stretch. Only one player fumbled in the drill.

•Running back Lance Dunbar could be a real mismatch player if he can stay healthy. He had a big gain on a swing pass to the flat and scored a touchdown on a little arrow route out of the backfield, breaking free from rookie linebacker Anthony Hitchens with nothing but open space down the middle of the field in 7-on-7s.

•Brandon Weeden’s prettiest throw of the day was his first throw of the practice. In play-action drills, Weeden was able to arc a pass over linebacker Rolando McClain and before the defensive back, allowing tight end James Hanna to come up with the long completion. In red-zone drills, however, Weeden was not as fortunate. His check down to Hanna was late and inside and fell incomplete, setting up a field goal.

•Assistant coach Derek Dooley came out firing on his receivers. Unhappy at their effort early in drills, Dooley let loose with some fastballs in short-area drills along the sideline. He barked, “Get some energy and I won’t act like this.” The backup receivers came through. L'Damian Washington made a nice diving catch on a deep ball in one-on-one drills. LaRon Byrd caught two touchdown passes in red-zone drills. Jamar Newsome did a nice job in punt coverage, splitting a double team as a gunner.

CONTENDING CB?: Terrance Mitchell has been one of the most impressive/consistent players of camp. That didn't change on Thursday. With Carr, Claiborne and Moore all missing from practice, Mitchell got some quality work against the starters. During 1-on-1 WR vs DB red zone drills, Mitchell broke up passes to Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams, and the few catches that WR's did make against him, Mitchell was still in great position. He doesn't give any space to opposing WR's.

But, there's a "but."

Usually you praise a player for their physicality, but on Thursday it bit Mitchell in the butt. On a rep against Dwayne Harris, Mitchell dove to knock the ball away. An impressive play, but one that resulted in Harris injuring his ankle and limping off the field with trainers. The rookie got an earful from Dez afterwards. Love the competitiveness, but you've gotta know when to turn it down a notch.

CowboysHQ talked to Dez about the play and the player.

"We've got to get him to not do that," Dez said. "But he'll learn. I really like him as a player. Mitchell can play."

SLOPPY STUFF: Monday's practice was pretty sloppy. Dropped balls, bad passes, you name it. After a pretty productive scrimmage the day before, maybe the team was exhausted. Or maybe they're just ready to go against guys other than each other.

Which they will get to do in preseason Game 1 at San Diego on Thursday.

- THE INJURY SCOOP: DE George Selvie (groin), CB Mo Claiborne (knee) and S Barry Church (ankle) were among the 14 defensive guys who didn't go Monday.

But one other guy is an oddity.

LB Rolando McClain (hamstring/knee) left practice early and went to the med tent. Our understanding is that he was informed that his leg was fine and that it was up to him whether he should call it a day.

Which he did, returning to his dorm room.

We are insinuating nothing here, but are noting that McClain's level of want-to has been an issue that has haunted him in his pro career.

- WR JUMP OUTS: One of the players who contributed to the team's sloppiness was rookie WR Devin Street. Street has had a very solid camp, but had an off-day on Monday. He had two dropped passes, including one that went right through his hands and bounced off his face mask. Luckily, mistakes like those are not the norm for the talented rookie.

While Street struggled on Monday, such wasn't the case for a couple other WR's. Beasley and Harris had very good practices. Harris had back-to-back TD's in team red zone drills, one with the 1st team offense and one with the 2nd. Later, in team two-minute drills, Beasley beat Scandrick for a 40+ yard touchdown over the middle, causing Scandrick to throw his helmet out of frustration. No. 11 is more than just a one-trick pony.

- HAIL CAESAR: Last week, Caesar Rayford grabbed our attention with a solid practice. The next few practices that followed, he was relatively quiet. However, on Monday, Rayford showed up again. During 1-on-1 drills, Rayford beat John Wetzel and Ronald Patrick on back-to-back plays. For such a big guy, he has some surprising quickness and agility. Still raw but you can see his potential and why the Cowboys like him so much when he has this kind of practice.

- WILBER ON THE RUN: Kyle Wilber impressed coaches today. Showed great pursuit of DeMarco Murray during team drills. Ran from one end of the field to the other to make the stop for a minimal gain. The Cowboys can still put him at DE if they need to, but he's really making a nice name for himself as a LB.

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