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Hey Max you need to update us on NE---feel free to use this forum as your own blog.

What happened to Cindy and the Doc?

I see this is somewhat of a private message. I don't get much time to keep up with other teams, except the ones the cowboys play. Would be nice to see some input on whats going on around the league.

How the hell is Brady doing this year by the way?


I left the message with them... they didn't join.   II don't know about Doc... maybe he is  uncomfortable in a Cowboys forum.  I would have expected Cindy to at least take a look.  That surprises me even more than Doc not coming by.   Oh well, I can't force people to come by.  I have no idea how busy  they are as well.  Maybe they just felt they didn't have time for it right now.  I also invited others in the league, and I"m guessing they didn't drop by either.

Brady is a work in progress.   He spent a year out of football, so he is a bit rusty.  How much of it is his rust, and how much of it is that the WRs just aren't on the same page is the big quesiton.  We are disappointed here in NE with Galloway... I think a lot of us were expecting a lot better.  Then we have Welker who hasn't played for a few weeks.   He was always Brady's out.  Tough loss for us.  Eldeman is doing pretty good in his place, but he often makes rookie mistakes, like telegraphing to the defense that he is the one its going to be thrown to, if you know what I mean.

I think the offense will get better as the season goes on, but don't expect that to happen this Sunday...  against an excellent Ravens defense.  My best bet is to hope that turns out to be a defensive battle, and my Patriots somehow sneak away with it.



I think you are being modest, NE 2-1 and they beat an Atlanta Team that many consider a shoe in to be in the playoffs.

I hope The Chargers get Pitt this week (nonnie would get me for that one lol) Pitt has to stop the bleeding, but the Chargers need to prove they are a power to be reconed with. It should be a great Sunday Night game---get your popcorn ready .

If you scroll down, theres a post called playoffs. I made my predictions before the season started. Nobody else wanted to join in. But I didn't think Brett would be with the Vikings, thats one I probably would have changed. But then again, probably not happy1

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