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Ballet Bars installed

This is pretty much something I would usually pass on. But since they already have a bunch of guys missing OTA's today. Due to hamstring problems, Matt Johnson being one of those, I figured I'd put it up. I should mention Johnson is working on the sideline with a sore hamstring, so technically he is on the field.

Cowboys install ballet bars to help get loose

Posted by Darin Gantt on June 2, 2014, 8:48 AM EDT

Marcos Ramirez Castellanos, Cesar Ramirez Castellanos, Angel Ramirez Castellanos

When it comes to preventing injuries, teams should and would consider every avenue (up to and perhaps including witch doctors).

So the Cowboys are willing to run the risk of a few snickers, installing ballet bars to help get their buys stretched out.

According to Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News, the new quipment comes after 12 players were sidelined with some degree of thigh or hamstring issue last year,

“We’ve put a big emphasis on addressing, as an organization, some of the injuries that we’ve had,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “Just an emphasis on stretching, giving our players the opportunity, whether it’s with ballet bars or V-sits or back systems, whatever things we use, we try to help them get into routines that can help them be flexible and avoid some of the injuries we’ve had.

“It’s always been an emphasis for us. We have to look at ourselves and what we’re doing to help our players stay as healthy as possible.”

Whether the ballet bars work or not, addressing what has been a noticeable problem is a good idea. Too many teams or players stretch in a way that may not be effective, simply because that’s the way they’ve always stretched. Taking a look at such a basic part of being an athlete is worth the time.

Its just the curse, how do college kids come out in shorts and pull muscles?

Can't hurt, until somebody pulls a muscle trying to get his leg that high.

El Kabong

From what I've been reading they don't seem to be helping much!

Love the Herschel pic though compress

When I played we used this crap called atom bomb, you smear it on wrap it up and go play.

Then you hit the whirlpool, I remember a lot of groin pulls but not hamstrings.

Someone asked some time ago "what kind of surface are they training on". But I'm sure the staff has looked into that already. I'll stick with the curse

Get the cheerleaders to show the guys how to warm-up and get flexibility.

Wow these have worked so well I hope they take them with, when they go to Oxnard.   LMAO

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