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Al Davis has passed away

It will be strange to watch the Raiders, knowing Al is gone. The NFL wants a team in LA and Al's wife and son will probably sell the team before the season ends.

R.I.P Al....nobody can ever say you didn't do it your way!

Yeah it won't feel the same without Al in Oakland.

Why should they move, the fans in Oakland beat up people just like they do in LA.

Most people didn't like Al, for one reason or another, but his players sure loved him. We'll here a lot about him from them this week.

In remembering Davis, who passed away on Saturday at age 82, Jones said, “I could’ve been a partner with Al if we jointly owned the team through the years because he was very loyal, very smart and very reasonable. He didn’t have the perception of being reasonable but he was.”

In the last 15 months two of Jones’ contemporaries have died in Davis and George Steinbrenner, the New York Yankees owner who was a business partner with Jones.

“In their cases they made enormous contributions and their will and their personalities are a part of those franchises,” Jones said. “I would readily say that with George Steinbrenner and Al Davis, their personalities are bigger than life because they’re so passionate. It’s passion. It’s caring. And there was no detail that if they decided it was needed that was beyond their influence in the organization. It’s no accident I had the relationship I had with Al and it’s no accident I ended up partnering with George Steinbrenner.”

In Jones’ office he has “wonderful letters from George,” and he would receive countless calls from Davis, too.

“They were men that encouraged you when you were down and were quick to sense when you were under siege and quick to come with their support,” Jones said.

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